In conjunction with Rebuilding Together North Suburban Chicago, a team of Rotarians helped a homeowner with cleaning and organizing her fifth floor condominium, including cleaning her windows and screens.  The homeowner reported that it was "a miracle" and looks forward to enjoying her spruced-up surroundings thanks to Rotarian Ron Dake and his team.
Here are the homeowner's own words: 
They are the nicest people. Think of them, taking time off on a SATURDAY to help someone else. You do not find people like that anymore. They are the most delightful people and the most happy workers! 
They "saw" things to do and they just did it! One man saw how my cooktop needed to be scrubbed and he just did it. You did not have to tell them anything. I was not going to say anything...I did not need to. They bent over backwards. 
When the work was hard, they did not even comment or complain. It reminded me of when you are young and you just do things and lift things like it is nothing. They did all sorts of things I never would have dreamed of.  
Ron fixed the "chandelier" in my kitchen. The bulbs were broken in the socket and he turned off the power and replaced the bulbs and the light was thick with grease and they cleaned it off. 
And I am saving the best for last. Depending on the light you could not even see out of my windows, the windows and the screens were that dirty. I have not been able to clean them for years. No one could take them out and Ron did it and they are so clean now they are like new and I can see outside again! 
They went to Home Depot and then at the end of the day they GAVE me 2 buckets and dish towels and a toilet bowl cleaner and a feather duster with a long handle. They bought me a vacuum cleaner because I could not handle the old Kirby I have and the CHORE helper I have only comes once every six weeks...
I told Ron,  'This is awesome and how can you do all this?!' 
I got lucky [with all your help]!