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The Membership Committee seeks to improve the strength and size of the membership base and to plan activities to encourage Rotarians to remain connected to the Club. This committee promotes and publicizes the club to the community, encourages existing members to invite poten tial members to meetings, and provides information about the club to prospective members. This committee also works to integrate new members into the club through mentoring and educating new members abou tht service committees and the various projects and activities that the club offers.

Public relations is the practice or the profession of establishing, maintaining, or improving a favorable relationship between an institution or person and the public. 

The Public Relations committee of the Rotary Club of Glenview Sunrise is that committee responsible for providing information regarding the Club's presence and its local and global missions to the public, institutions, and agencies via documentation, personal contact, multi-media press releases, and presentations.  As of January 2010, the Committee consists of a Director but as the committee's development progresses additional committee members can be added. 

The Director of Public Relations for the Rotary Club of Glenview Sunrise shall advise the Board and the Membership of the availability of public, agency, institutional, and media notification of Rotary Club activities and fund raisers conducted by the members, various committees, and the Board.  The Director is responsible as a liaison and to familiarize the Board and Membership of Public Relations options and specific guidelines of agencies, institutions, or publications for press releases and other notifications.  To facilitate intra and inter-club communication, the Director of Public Relations shall create information forms for the Board and committee Directors to expedite requests for Press Releases or public notification of Rotary activities and events.

The Director of the Committee shall keep records of names and contact information for agencies, persons, institutions, and publications to facilitate promotion of the activities of the Club.  Copies of prior Press Releases should be stored for future Club and public reference.

The Director and the committee is should participate in, publicize, or otherwise announce the activities of the Glenview Sunrise and other Rotary Clubs and committees regarding recruitment of new Rotary Club members.  

The Director should be in contact with Directors of other Rotary Clubs locally and globally to exchange information to promote Rotary's goals and activities.